Garden House

A New Home in Your Backyard

For When Your House Needs a Little Extra Space

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A Place to be Loud or Quiet

A Garden House is a place to be yourself whether that’s a jam session turned up to 11 or your focus room to take that important call.

A Place for Loved Ones

Sometimes a little separation from daily life can go a long way. Having a back yard office gives you the freedom to focus when you need it even if the office is shut down for… who knows what.

A Place that Pays for Itself

Garden house is so energy efficient you can heat it with a hair dryer in the dead of winter. It is also built with healthy materials and filters its own air so you will be cozy and safe no matter the weather

A Place to Feel Safe

“It feels so good to have family next door”

Jane Doe

Room for Every Step of Life’s Journey

Unit 1

Description of our One Bedroom Unit

Unit 2

Description of our two bedroom unit

Unit 3

Description of our Studio Unit

We Make it Easy

All inclusive: Design, Permit, and Build

Free: Garden House

Site Assessment

Now Building in Yakima and Kittitas Counties

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