Garden House

For the people in your life who matter most

Make Room

There are many ways to use a Garden House. What’s yours?

Guest Room – Office – Pre-owner house – Rental – Downsize Space – Artist Studio – Live in Caregiver – Age In place

When your family needs a place to stay

Make Room

When it’s time to downsize but you love your place

Make Room

For the home away from home office

Make Room

A Garden House is a new home we build in your back yard. It can be a guest house, a rental unit, or an extension of your home.

We build your Garden House offsite in our climate controlled factory as a series of panels, then bring it in and set it up in a matter of days with no need for cranes or months of noisy nail guns rattling in your back yard.

Each Garden House is built with air quality and energy efficiency in mind. Most of our units can be made accessible and we even have units above a garage to maximize useful space.

If you want to learn more check our our FAQ!

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Garden House Inquires

Please tell us how we can help and we will follow up with exactly what you need.

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