Introducing: Garden House

After months of behind the scenes preparation we are so excited to share our newest obsession with you. Garden Houses!

A few years ago the City of Yakima changed the zoning code to allow a house to be built in a back yard. The technical term is “Accessory Dwelling Unit” but we like to call it a Garden House.

A Garden House is a great way to make room for family or friends. You can build an accessible unit for parents or grandparents to age in place and you can even rent it out. The thing I like most about a Garden House though, is that it makes it easy to find space when you need it, but also live close to the people you love the most.

We designed thee beautiful new Garden Houses specifically for Central Washington and we are so excited to share them.

The first is the Bitterroot. It is a studio apartment and is designed for versatility. It will work just as well as an artist studio, a professional office, or and Air BNB (more on short term rentals in a future post). with a minimum number of walls you really get the maximum potential space for any activity you can think of and the super insulated clerestory windows let in lots of natural light without losing the heat.

The second is the Hardy Lupine. It is a one bedroom craftsman style unit designed to compliment the many pre-war homes found in most established neighborhoods. The Lupine can be accessible from the get-go or easily converted to be accessible in the future. It is designed to look and feel like a home that is not too big and not to small but just right. Porridge comes separate though.

Our third Garden House is the Flaming Rhododendron. Named after my personal favorite native plant of the Pacific Northwest that explodes in vibrant color at just the right time of year. The Flaming Rhody is an ‘above garage’ two bedroom unit designed to maximize useful space without loosing out on valuable back yard. It is a great fit for young couple or a pair of PNWU students.

If you want to learn more please reach out! We love to hear your ideas for back yard living and when you’re ready we can even give you a free site assessment.

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