Rooted in Place

We love our home in the Pacific Northwest. We think it is one of the most captivating and awe inspiring places on earth and we want all its inhabitants and visitors to benefit from its well-being. This isn’t just an idea we indulge on the weekends. It is reflected in the way we do business and guides our decision making every day. Here are three ways we show love for the Pacific Northwest in our work:

1) Design that reflects the beauty of its surroundings. Anyone who lives close to the mountains knows that an inversion day is an invitation to break away from the daily grind and to get up and out and explore the beauty above the clouds. We want each of our homes to imbue that insatiable mixture of serenity and wanderlust that compels us to love our place and seek it out in every spare moment.

2) Buildings that give more than they take. All Inversion buildings start with a baseline of net-zero energy which means they produce at least as much energy as they consume and in some cases, they produce more. This frees the residents from dependence on top-down infrastructure and oil and coal consuming energy distribution. It also provides safety and resiliency in the case of emergencies or natural disasters meaning your home will continue to work even when the grid is not.

3) Financing that distributes equity. Through our Design Equity Partnership we make real our belief that everyone deserves an equity stake in their community. Whatever your financial situation is, we work with you to make sure home is a place you can afford, and that gives you a financial and social boost the day you move in.

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